Merriam-Webster defines curiosity as “a desire to know; interest leading to inquiry.” Curiosity has led to many amazing discoveries and genius inventions. What if no one ever wondered what an egg tasted like? No quiche, no Waffle House Hashbrown Bowl, no cake! What a travesty that would be. 

Curiosity is a vehicle for transformation used in coaching. You can practice curiosity, with or without a coach – at work and in your personal life. Here are some ways to practice curiosity in your own life:

So, what would happen if you stayed curious? You might just discover something that changes the world for the better, even if it is just your own world. Here’s to wondering!


Lauri SoJourner is a leadership coach and nonprofit consultant who uses curiosity as a key strategy in her coaching process. She is available for one on one and team coaching, leadership development, team building, board training, and strategic planning. Email for your free consultation.