Lauri has been a fantastic coach for me both personally and professionally. She’s a deep listener and highly intuitive empath who is always able to help me tap into my own wisdom. Recently, I’ve come to her with multiple complex and layered work challenges where she’s used her skills to help me get to the heart of the matter, name what I want, and identify solutions-oriented steps I can take. Thanks to her, I’ve been able to see my concerns through a different lens. I highly recommend Lauri!

Lanita Whitehurst
Senior Organizer
IMPACT Silver Spring, MD

Our organization has used Lauri for two organizational retreats in the last four years and we are always happy with her work. Her approach entices our Board members to speak up and create meaningful plans. We are better organized and better communicators by the end of our time with her and our strategies become more alive as a result.

Brad Thompson
Executive Director
St. Columba Episcopal Camp and Retreat Center

During our leadership and communication training, Lauri was excellent at engaging the counselors and reading the room. She was flexible, knew her material, and was very relatable. The information she provided not only helped during the summer but also helped me personally outside of camp.

Adam Hayden
Director of Youth & Campus Ministry
The Diocese of Southern Ohio

Lauri is the perfect facilitator and leadership coach.  She was so easy to work with in preparation for our event and was organized but also flexible for those unexpected surprises that come with facilitating events.  She is empathic, insightful, and impactful.   I highly recommend her!

Dr. Amhed Samaha
Vice Chancellor of Student Engagement and Belonging
University of South Carolina Aiken

I have worked with Lauri SoJourner for more than five years–most recently as vice-chair of a Board of Directors for an organization Lauri served as interim executive director. Lauri is an adaptive leader with rock-solid intuition. She understands systems, finance, policy and procedure, and nonprofit management. Most importantly, however, Lauri understands people and leads with compassion and empowerment. She’s a great coach, a gifted consultant, and a seasoned leader.

The Reverend Dr. Marshall Jolly
St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church, Aiken, SC

From the very first day I met her, I was captivated by her warm smile and genuine kindness. She had an aura that radiated compassion and understanding, making everyone feel seen and heard. It was as if she possessed an innate ability to connect with people on a deeper level, effortlessly creating an environment where everyone felt valued and appreciated. What truly amazed me about Lauri was her unwavering dedication to the cause she championed. She poured her heart and soul into her work, tirelessly striving to make a positive impact in the lives of those who needed it most. Her unwavering commitment inspired me to push beyond my limits and give my best to the cause we believed in. But what truly set her apart was her ability to see the potential in every individual she encountered. She recognized that each person had unique talents and strengths, and she made it her mission to nurture and develop those qualities.

Crystal Sweatt
Executive Director
Mission Ministries Alliance, Marion, NC

Lauri is passionate, knowledgeable, and authentic. She was great at helping us think big picture and action steps to get us to achieve those goals. What truly sets Lauri apart is her dedication to supporting us beyond our strategic planning retreat itself. The offer to collaborate further on fleshing out strategy objectives showcased her genuine desire to see us succeed.

Rev. Jess Elfring-Roberts
Executive Director
Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers, Inc

Lauri came to Beckwith to lead our 2-day leadership staff training, as well as working with our full staff for an afternoon. Her work with the Temperament Test and her explanations of each type, along with the discussions she led about the real-world implications of how each “type” experiences conflict/leadership/communication, was a great way to start out staff training. It gave us a strong foundation for learning how to work with each other. My staff loved the Temperament material so much that they even led it with some of our older campers

Rachel Gilliam
Summer Camp Director
Beckwith Camp and Conference Center, Fairhope, AL